Singabera Cinnamon Ginger Drink

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A line of ginger-based drink using hand-harvested ginger, all-natural spices and organic coconut sugar, that targets upscale, health-conscious consumers, blended according to our secret recipe to produce a blissful moment of pure pleasure.

Believed to have various health benefits, ginger has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial healing agent. Today ginger continues to be widely used in Asian herbal therapies. Clinical tests show it also contains high levels of essential oils, nutrients and vitamins.

Fresh citrus lemongrass notes enhances the bold, full-bodied flavor of ginger in our Singabera Lemongrass Ginger beverage. This fragrant blend, a traditional medicinal pairing in Asian cultures, is calming yet refreshing. 

Product Name
SINGABERA Original Ginger Drink
Ginger, Coconut Sugar, Cane Sugar, Spices.
Product Advantage
• 100% Natural
• Made from real fresh ginger
• Naturally sweetened with low-glycemic golden coconut sugar
• Free of preservatives, additives and artificial flavorings
• Caffeine and gluten free
• Free of artificial sweetener
• Safe to be consumed during pregnancy
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