Simon TS 311 EST AS

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Simon TS 311 EST AS; High quality cowhide soft embossing makes it comfortable to wear.


1. Safety Shoes with TIS Standard 523-2528

2. With high-quality fine embossed cowhide upper, it is comfortable to wear.

3. Equipped with padding on the top for softness on the ankle.

4. The original design of the shoe grooves can drain water on the floor surface well so as to make the footing more stable.

5. Using a wide steel (200J) toe-cap so that it can provide space at the toe.

6. Excellent resistance, heat resistance (130˚C Max.).

7. Oil and chemical (acid, alkaline) resistant outsole

8. Insole with cup-insole type.

9. Outsole with Type NBR - Rubber.

10. Heat Resistance Of Sole 130˚ Maximum

11. Shoes with Lining Non Woven Fabric

12. Electric Resistance 0.1MΏ - 1000MΏ

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